A paradise for tourists from all over the world, Havelock Island is the largest of all the islands of Andaman and Nicobar. You can experience picturesque beauty and unimaginable serenity on Havelock Island, a journey beyond the everyday worries of work and life. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and delicious seafood are popular adventure activities for travellers and ocean lovers.

The 41 kilometres between Port Blair and Havelock Islands are regularly travelled by government yachts carrying hordes of tourists. A number of private tour operators offer luxury rides on private yachts in the region.

There are a lot of things to do on Havelock Island, check out the list below:

1. At Elephant Beach, experience marine life

On Elephant Island, known for its pristine corals and reefs, you can find an array of marine life. Water lovers and snorkelers will find plenty of diving spots along Elephant Beach, making it an ideal destination. You can also participate in water sports activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and boating in glass-bottom boats. If you are looking for solitude and relaxation while you are lying in the lap of the majestic Andaman Sea, the Elephant beach might be heaven for you.

2. Active volcanoes can be found on Barren Island

One of Southeast Asia’s only active volcanoes, Barren Island in Southeast Asia erupted recently in 2017. Its complete absence of human habitation has enabled it to attract a considerable number of unique animal and bird species. Seaplane rides and nature walks are popular attractions. A variety of tour companies offer tours around the island to explore its unique flora and fauna.

3. Get into photography

Isn’t it a great shot? Havelock Island is a perfect spot to capture scenic shots of nature and candid photographs because of its emerald forests and sandy beaches. Be sure to take your camera with you and capture the stunning scenery of beaches and other parts of the islet.

4. Enjoy Vijaynagar Beach with Your Partner

With its tranquil sapphire blue water and pearl white sands, Vijaynagar Beach makes a great romantic getaway. On the island, couples-friendly resorts often serve as a centre of attraction for newlyweds. Vijaynagar Beach is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming. As the most beautiful sunrise in Andaman can be witnessed on the beach, it can be considered a photographer’s paradise. It is a memorable experience to watch the sunrise and sunset across the Bay of Bengal.

5. Biodiversity abounds at Neil Island

Despite its small size, Neil Island boasts rich biodiversity. There are unexplored coral reefs, tropical forests, colourful fish and beaches with white sands. The island has many beaches and rich marine diversity, earning it the nickname “Vegetable Bowl” of the Andaman Islands. Those looking for peace and tranquillity and a place to escape the daily stresses of life must visit this island. It would be remiss of you to not visit Neil Kendra, a bay filled with silver sand in the heart of the island.

6. At the Laxmanpur Beach, you can relish pleasant views

Laxmanpur Beach stands out among all other beaches because of its impeccable beauty. In spite of its relative quietness, Laxmanpur Beach is a beach that leaves a lasting impression on your mind. The beach is easily accessible from the Neil Jetty, which is 2 kilometres away. Divers can enjoy scuba diving at the beach because of the coral reefs. A beautiful sunset can only be matched by the tropical trees and the blue sea that can be seen in the background.

7. Sunrise over Kalapathar Beach

Near Kalapathar village lies Kalapathar Beach, a small, picturesque beach. Kalapathar beach is known for its spectacular sunrise, which is worth getting up early for. Also nearby the beach, you will find food stalls selling coconut water, snacks and nonalcoholic drinks.

8. Take a relaxing walk on Guitar Island Beach

Guitar Island Beach is a beautiful and secluded beach named after its shape. A walk along the beach on the island is a nice way to spend your mornings and evenings. Despite being isolated, Havelock Island remains a viable option for people who desire a private retreat.

We promise you will be awed and inspired by the breathtaking beaches here. Let Havelock be your holiday destination and create some unforgettable memories.

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