Covid-19 Guides Around the Country and City.

Covid-19 has grown into the world’s most deadly infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The disease stems from the droplets of the saliva or through the discharge from the nose of an infected person. And, now it has mandated the practice of respiratory etiquettes. Traveling is a part of our life, but due to this ongoing pandemic, we are confined to the four walls of our homes. When we have to leave our homes due to almost anything, we are advised with so many medications and precautions. Though traveling at such a time would be risky but after staying at home for such a long duration, it’s a pure human being feeling to flee for a bit. Nevertheless, the threat of covid-19 is undeniable, and traveling without getting vaccinated could be risky, thus it’s better to get vaccinated fully before traveling and yet taking all the precautions during the trip.

Here are the suggestions of a few countries or cities where you can travel and which ones are open for fully and partially vaccinated people.

Vietnam: International entries are allowed but only for essential purposes particularly. Entries from South Africa and the UK are banned and, therefore, no non-essential travel is permitted.

Thailand: Thailand is fully open but there is an international restriction on India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Other country’s citizens can visit Thailand and can also apply for a special visa of 90 days.

Cambodia: In Cambodia, you can have a leisure travel experience with the previously approved visa. But flights from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia are still not permitted.

Nepal: Nepal is completely open except for the UK.

Myanmar: Only business and essential purposes entries are permitted after issuing a business visa.

Singapore: Singapore has permitted a few country’s citizens only: Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan & Brunei. Only returning citizens are allowed to travel from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Chile: Only returning citizens are allowed.

Greece: The countries which are not on the EU safe list are not permitted, including the US.

Malaysia: Malaysia’s borders are closed for all nationalities of travelers.

Sri Lanka: Four country’s citizens are banned at present to travel to Sri Lanka – South America, Vietnam, South Africa and India. Citizens of other nationalities are allowed to travel and the good news is that they can issue a visa in advance using the application “Visit Sri Lanka”.

Italy: International entries of EU country’s citizens are allowed whereas,

Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Brazil and India flights have been suspended for some time.