“Speak of Thailand, and the mind zooms off to exotic beaches, water sports, and unbeatable adventure stories.”

Thailand is one of the most visited

¬†countries due to its tropical seasons, picturesque landscapes and gushing waterfalls. Thailand features topical beaches, beautiful rock formations, colourful marine life, turquoise waters and archipelagos all of which together give you a sense that you have a slice of paradise at your behest. As opposed to the belief that Thailand is only popular for Pattaya city, most preferably Pattaya street, the country offers more than that for the ones who love to explore. If you’re venturing solo or with your family, don’t forget to visit other cities in Thailand that are even more exotic, thrilling and fun to be in. From floating markets to ancient relics & temples, architecture, grand palaces, to statues of the Buddha, you have more to witness than you imagined. Thailand is well connected with India and the rest of the countries for a great travel experience while gazing at numerous islands and baby islets that are scattered throughout the oceans. Thailand is all about fun and frolic, and no matter the occasion, going to Thailand for a vacation will help you return with greater memories to cherish.

The cuisine is one of the most preferred among travellers. If your taste buds and tongue allow, you can savour the taste of hot sauces that are an essential part of the food in Thailand. You can try your hands on famous sauces such as the Sriracha extra hot sauce, Pad Prik, Tom Yum Kung, Gaeng Som and more will literally set fire to your mouth. These spices and dishes are commonly found on the tables of the natives but you are going to have a hard time getting accustomed to the fiery tint of these sauces. But when your’ done torching your taste buds, do them some favour and let them bask in the sweet dishes most commonly served in any restaurants. Sweets such as Mango sticky rice, Banana leaf and sticky rice, Sweet Thai crepe, Coconut rice dumplings, Thai roti, the famous Coconut Icecream and Custard-filled bread will help you embrace the dining etiquettes of The region.

Here are the 5 best places you can flock to when in Thailand.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok will welcome you with a very busy atmosphere being the capital city. Bangkok is ideal for families and a getaway with friends. You will find the world’s largest open-air market, a huge aquarium located in an 8-level shopping mall, a 150-feet golden statue of Buddha and many such venues that will keep you interested and engaged if the bustling cities incite you.

Phi Phi Islands
The Phi Phi islands are a large group of islands in the Krabi province. If you wonder what would you here, well, don’t you want to feel the thrill of a speedboat taking you on one speedy ride in the ocean? You would want to put the Phi Phi islands on top of your roaming list if you want an adventurous vacation.

Koh Phi Phi
Nothing can pump your adrenaline more than climbing some huge limestone rocks in Koh Phi Phi which also happens to be the party destinations among travellers. Once you reach the top after climbing, you will get to see the breathtaking aerial views of beaches, forests and endless seas, but don’t forget to explore the caves when you get down. Tonsai beach in the Krabi province is also one of the most known spots for rock climbing.

Khao Yai
Khao Yai is a dense forest range and open savannah that houses wilderness at its best. You can easily spot Bears, Tigers, huge Elephants and other animals in Khao Yai. You get to bask in beautiful views from waterfalls, hiking trails, endless rainforest and mountains.

Koh Samet
A 3 hours journey from Bangkok to the Eastern Gulf and then a 45-minute ferry will This place is a treat for tourist’s eyes. You can chill on the beaches and go snorkelling in the turquoise waters and meet some colourful marine life and the flora in the shallow ocean bed. Scuba diving and snorkelling have become the most experienced sports in Thailand, so don’t wait to take a dive.

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